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Why Choose Us

  • We Guarantee Supply of authenticated and tamper-proof products
  • Our Products are manufactured under the highest quality controls standards
  • We ensure timely delivery of your order
  • We have a wide sales and distributive network
  • We have an excellent team, and very well trained and knowledgeable staff
  • Profound Knowledge and huge experience
  • Robust infrastructure, well equipped with latest technology machines
  • Huge warehouse
  • Highly efficient plaster of Paris
  • Very High Coverage plaster of Paris
  • Very Low wastage plaster of Paris
  • Total client satisfaction
  • Reasonable prices
  • Our Plaster is Packed from our own manufacturing unit and is not filled from any commercial factories
  • Rigorous Laboratory Tested




Sun Plaster is one of India's foremost manufacturer of Plaster of Paris. Sunplaster’s operations are spread throughout the country with a modern manufacturing facility at Piperan (Bikaner), Rajasthan. Since our inception, we have been providing excellent quality of white plaster of Paris and interacting with our clients as a reliable and responsible vendor on the supply chain. We always strive for complete customer satisfaction. We promote the sales of premium quality products to give our clients excellent services and value for money.Our product has been widely accepted nationwide and its demand is touching leaps and bounds for its quality, durability, easy handling, high coverage and low cost. Our Company is continually hiring new manpower and increasing capacity to keep up with the increase in demand.

Currently our Plaster of Paris is available in 20kg and 25kg bags.




Consistency is maintained in different batches dispatched from the manufacturing unit.
Highest Quality
As, we are a quality committed entity, we always strive to maintain the quality of the white plaster of Paris. Our Plaster of Paris is White in colour and of the finest possible quality. Stringent quality tests are conducted at every level of production that assures flawless production of white plaster of Paris. All these quality checks are handled by experienced quality control executives, who keep strict vigil on the production.

Very Economical
Our POP is not only of very high quality, but it also has a greater coverage area, and this also makes it an economical choice automatically. This combined with our affordable prices makes Sun Plaster the clear winner.

Corporate Office:
Maheshwari Marble, GT Road Bhucho, Bathinda, Punjab
Mob: +91-995014-29222


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